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Smarter Online = Safer Online

Smarter Online = Safer Online

Be Safe From hackers and crackers Online

Top Tips for Internet Safety at Home:-

1. Defend your computer:

Keep all software current (including your Web browser) with automatic
updates. Use fi rewall, antivirus, antispam, and antispyware software.
Password-protect your wireless connection at home.

2. Protect sensitive personal information:

Look for signs that a Web page is safe, before you enter sensitive
data–a Web address with https (“s” for secure) and a closed padlock
( ) beside it.
Never give sensitive info in response to an e-mail or instant message
(IM) request.

3. Think before you click:

Pause before you open attachments or click links in e-mail or IM even
if you know the sender; they could be phony. Confi rm with the sender
that the message is real or visit the offi cial Web site by typing the
address yourself.
Be wary of clicking links or buttons in pop-up windows.

4. Create strong passwords and keep them secret:

Make them at least eight characters (longer is better) and include
upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Don’t use the
same password everywhere.

5. Protect yourself from e-mail scams:

Look out for alarmist messages, misspellings and grammatical errors, deals
that sound too good to be true, and requests for sensitive info like account
numbers. Turn on a fi lter like the SmartScreen® Filter in Windows®
Internet Explorer® 8 that warns you of suspicious Web sites.

6. Use social networks more safely:

Look for Settings or Options in services like Facebook and Twitter to
manage who can see your profi le, control how people can search for you
and make comments, and learn how to block unwanted access. Don’t
post anything you’d say only to a close friend.

Be selective about accepting friends. Periodically reassess who has
access. Review what friends write about you..

7. Take extra steps to keep kids safer online

Make online safety a family effort, a mix of guidance and monitoring.
Negotiate clear guidelines for Web and online game use that fi t your
kids’ ages and family’s values. Pay attention to what kids do and
who they meet online.

What To Do If There Are Problems

Although the Internet is basically a positive place, it is not without hazards.
Here’s some practical advice about what to do if you run into issues.
When using a Web service

When using e-mail, a social network, or other service, you may encounter
scams, obscene material, content that exploits minors, aggressive behavior,
or theft of your account or identity.

Report any issues. For example, in Microsoft® services or software, look for a
Report Abuse link as available, or send e-mail to
Continued harassment or physical threats

Report it to local police and if a child or teen is involved, to the National Center
for Missing and Exploited Children at (800) 843-5678 or at
Your identity is stolen or you’ve responded to a scam

Immediately change the passwords and PINs on all your accounts, and report:
The incident to your credit card company, bank, or health insurer.
Identity theft to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and follow the directions there, or call toll free:
(877) 438-4338.

Scams or fraud to the FTC. Go to
and click File a Complaint, or call toll free: (877) 382-4357.

More Helpful Info

Microsoft can help you take steps to better defend your computer:

Look for thorough information on how to help protect your computer,
your privacy, and your family:

If your computer isn’t running as expected (it’s unusually slow or crashes
frequently), it might have been damaged by malicious software like a
virus or spyware.

 Microsoft can help you address this:

Get tips for safer gaming online, advice from parents, and other online
gaming resources at:

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