Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Control your computer by your eyes: Specially for diasable people

Control your computer by your eyes: Specially for diasable people

The concept of controlling your computer by your eyes

It sounds intresting that it is possible to control the computer by your eyes.  This type of computer is specially designed for disable people who cannot speak and who cannot use their hands or legs. But now a days, we can find this function in our laptops as well
.  But the computer is not same like the computer we use. It is little bit different and extraordinary. This type of computer has big icons and sentences are pre written, same like objective question-answer. There are choices such as a, b, c, d. For example

You like to:
a. watch movies
b. go for travelling
c. eat food
d. drink water
f. sleep
g. go to toilet

Now how it works then?

First you have to see the computer.  Well I was said to see on the computer . Later I saw a cursor on the screen which was moving according to my eye's motion and head's motion. Suppose if you move your head , or look left right up and down the cursor also moves left, right,  up and down.  Now you may have questions how will it click or choose these options. Well my eye can see 6 options. If I keep on watching any of these options for more than 5 seconds, It will select that option. Suppose I like to watch movies and keep on watching the option number a. It will select that. Then we can understand what a disable person wanted to do. If I like to go to toilet and I keep on watching the option number f, then, it will select that option.

In this way this type of computer works.

This has been tested because I got an opportunity to experience this. There was an exhibition where I experienced this which was really amazing.

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