Thursday, 31 January 2013

Internet Emoticons and Lingo

Internet Emoticons and Lingo


Emoticons are the symbols used to express your emotions or facial expression while writing email , IRC or simply chatting in any social networking sites like facebook , google , etc. However , the recepient cannot see you actually and your expression are not visible , but the emoticons help him to feel your expressions. These are also called as smileys as it automatically changes to a colourful smile

Why Digital Signatures Are Always Unique

                    Know About Digital Signatures

(Section 3 of I.T. Act)

The enactment of information technology Act, 2000 comprehensively addresses the legal issues concerning the electronic messaging and electronic payment systems. Digital signature is the new concept brought under the ambit of legislation in India. With this , there is bound to begreater role for the information technology commerce. E-commerce relies heavily on electronically transmission of messages carrying digital signatures. It is a common beleif that a digital signature is just a digitised image of a signature (drawn by hand ).

Usefull Run Commands

                                   Run Commands

Okk so i will not waste your time telling about run command as you all know what run command can do . Below are the lists of some of the Hidden Programs in the Windows  operating System.

Matrix Effect

                                    Matrix Effect

Not much to explain, just follow the steps and see the amazing matrix effect happen in your DOS window:
1.Open Notepad.
2.Copy the below mentioned text in your notepad