Saturday, 19 October 2013

Reviews Of

Reviews Of

First Of all let me tell you What is
Most of you have known it or have used it from earlier.

It is a network that will help you grow your social presence for free.

This site is an exchanging network where people do different tasks like Facebook Likes/Shares or view YouTube videos,  do Hits on Google Plus , Visit websites , twitter followers direct traffic or different tasks. In return they get points. These points can be used to get more fans , views , likes or Hits for you.

Some Important Features:-

- Allows you to look and choose who you want to like, subscribe, follow, view, circle, hit, share and skip those who you are not interested in.

- Do not sell likes, subscribes, friends, followers, views, hits, circles and shares.

- Abide by twitters rules, facebooks policies, google conditions, etc...

-Will never request for usernames or passwords of your social network accounts and will never post, tweet or update status from your accounts.

- Have a strict no bot, no macro, and no automation policy.

Hidden pages inside the mozilla firefox browser

Hidden pages inside the mozilla firefox browser

In this post i will show you some hidden and unknown pages in the browser Mozilla firefox , You just have to type those in the address bar and type enter :-

1. about:

Type about: in the address bar and press enter.
Here you can see the version of Mozilla firefox , Build identifier , etc...

2. about:blank

Type about:blank in the address bar and press enter.
After hiting enter a blank page will open.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Now access Google services for free on your mobile.

Now access Google services for free on your mobile with Airtel

If you are an airtel user then i have a good news for you ...

Now you can access Google services for free on your mobile.

Bharti Airtel (One of the Leading Mobile Operator ) in association with Google announced the launch of Free Zone powered by Google, which will give all the Airtel mobile customers access to mobile web search and and also mobile-friendly versions of Gmail and Google+ in India.

It means that now all the airtel users in India can search for anything in google for free , also users can check their mail or also can do social activities in Google plus for free...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Reviews Of

Reviews Of


First Of all let me tell you What is

Do you want 1000's of fans for your social media pages? You can get free facebook/youtube/twitter/.. likes/fans/views/.. fast, safe, easy and for FREE. Real fans which will push you into the social spotlight and raise your brand recognition. We use a you like me i like you exchange. You earn points for every "like". It's completely free, but you can buy "Points" our network to Save Time!. Or you can just earn the points and get them for free.

Great for businesses, musicians, webmasters, retailers, acts, personalities, video tutorials, bloggers, models, actors, athletes and more!

In Two Words: is what you are looking for!

This site is the way to increase your fans or earn money.

How it works ?

1. First of all Sign up at

To sign up Go to Likesplanet

2.Then Verify your email address

3. After verifying your address you can login to your account by providing your username and password.

Okk so now you have successfully login into your account now its time to earn some points ... Now the question is how to earn points ? I will tell you

Monday, 14 October 2013

Get Daily 300+ Pageviews Free For Your Site

Get Daily 300+ Pageviews Free For Your Site

Hii there , I am Once again here with a great post , in this post i will tell you how to get daily 300+ pageviews free for your site.

It means if you follow these you will be benifited in the following way:

1 Day = 300 Pageviews
2 Day = 600 Pageviews

30 Days = 9000 Pageviews

Isn't that great , and Guess what you will get all these for absolutely free

So follow these steps:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Amazing And Unknown Rename Tricks

Amazing And Unknown Rename Tricks

This Post is all about interesting tricks by renaming folders with some secret codes.

So you all know how to rename a folder , just press F2 and write the name and done... , but what so new about it , a child can also do it ... the interesting part starts now  . You just have to write some secret codes while renaming your folders and then you can see amazing things happening...

1. Make Your Own Recycle Bin

never known trick !!!!!!!!!!

 Disguise Your Folders to "Recycle Bin"

If you are thinking that old and boring changing icon , then you are wrong . It not only changes the folder but also make it a secondary recycle bin , because the deleted items goes to that folder and u can also empty the recycle bin through that folder..

Rename any folder with extension {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}


if u've a folder songs

Make your pc Super fast than before

 Make your pc Super fast than before

Now I am gonna show you how to make your pc faster than before. I can make your pc about 200% or you can also say 300% faster. 

To make it possible please follow the steps:

1.Go to start. 

2.Then click run. 

3.Then type regedit.

Matrix effect using Ms Excel

Matrix effect using Ms Excel

In my Previous post i have shown you how to create matrix effect using notepad , but in this post i will show you how to make amazing matrix effect using Microsoft Excel.

I have done this in Ms Excel 2007 , so if you are using higher versions then it will be no problem to you because Ms package 2007 andMs package  2010 is nearly same , but if you are using older version then you may face some problems while doing it , but dont worry i am always here to help you , if you face any problem regarding it , just comment in the comment box and i will help you as soon as possible...

So lets start our procedure..
1. First of all open Ms Excel.
2. In the first box (A1) write a formula  


and press enter.

3. Then choose the font "Courier New".

Friday, 11 October 2013

The art of Pinging

The art of Pinging

An important part of growing your blog is making sure that the World Wide
Web knows your blog exists and knows when you publish new content.
Blogger helps you achieve this through its automatic pinging service in conjunction

In simplest terms, pinging is the process by which a signal is sent to a server
(called a ping server) whenever new content is added to a blog (or another
online source). is a ping server that aggregates the pings
it receives and makes them available to third parties, such as the search
engines Technorati and Google. If you want your blog posts to appear in
search engine results, make sure your blog is set up to ping.

Blogger users can easily configure their blogs to ping, the largest
and oldest ping server, as follows:

How to maximise the chances of selling items in eBay

How to maximise the chances of selling items in eBay

Use HTML to Create BetterLooking Item Listings

Now that we’re on the topic of auction listings, have you noticed that some sellers
have really cool looking listings, complete with fancy text and colors and
such? Ever wonder how those sellers created those eye-popping listings?

The secret is the use of HTML code. This is the same code used to create Web
pages, and eBay lets you incorporate HTML code in your item listings. (You
can’t use HTML in your titles, though—just the item description.)

What kind of codes are we talking about? If you know your way around basic
HTML, you’ll find you can use all the essential formatting codes in your item
descriptions. That means bold (<b>), italic (<i>), and underline (<u>), along with
 paragraph (<p>) and line (<br>) breaks. You can even use the <font
face> code to specify specific fonts, and the <font color> code to specify different
color text.

Make a folder without a name

Make a folder without a name

Do you know how to make a folder without a name? Is it possible? oh yeah it is possible. Just try it out..

Most of you will press F2 and will press backspace

But ahaa it will not work for this you have to follow some steps

1. Click the folder.

2. Then right click on it

3. Then click rename and delete the old name.

4. Then pressing ALT button from your keyboard and type 0160 after that press enter.

(Important thing to notice - you have to type by holding the ALT button, don't stop pressing and while you will type 0160 it will not appear.)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Key features of Windows 7

Key features of  Windows 7

Windows 7 is designed in such a way that it is considered to be the easiest, fastest, and most engaging version of Windows yet. It is
focused on helping your PC perform the way you want it to—quickly, easily, and with less effort. Although
many of the new improvements are under the covers, Windows 7 also includes many more visible
enhancements that will help you play with, work with, and manage your PC.

Aero Shake 

Click a window pane and shake your mouse to minimize all
other open windows. Shake the pane again to restore the
windows to their original sizes.

Aero Themes and Aero Background 

Use new themes or choose a slideshow of your favorite photos
to make your PC reflect your personal taste.

BitLocker and BitLocker To Go 

Help protect sensitive data with new, easier ways to protect
and recover drives and extend that protection to USB removable
storage devices, such as flash memory drives and
portable hard disk drives.

Reserve the Right to Not Sell If the Price Isn’t High Enough in eBay

Reserve the Right to Not Sell If the Price Isn’t High Enough in eBay

Okay, this post gets a little complicated, so pay attention. In regular eBay
auctions, you  specify a starting bid price, and as long as one user
makes a bid at that level or above, you’re obligated to sell the item for the highest
bid price. So if you start an item at $1 and it gets a single $1 bid, you have to
sell the item for $1—even if you think the item is worth a lot more.

If you like the idea of a low starting bid price (to get the bidding started), but
don’t want to sell the item unless it reaches a higher price, you want to engage
in what is called a reserve price auction. In a reserve price auction, you have to
determine two prices:

Value of Telnet

Value of Telnet

Telnet is a popularly used remote login program in the world of Internet. A student sitting in Chandigarh (INDIA) can have access to the server in USA. He can have access to all important information , programs and utilities through remote login.

He can use the remote machine as if he were using his own machine or pc at his home. Telnet is the main Internet Protocol for creating a connection with a remote machine. It gives the user the opportunity to be one computer system and do work on another.

Telnet allows a local user to send a wide variety of commands to a remote computer. This allows the local user to instruct the remote computer to perform functions and return data to the local computer, almost as if you were sitting at a keyboard in front of the remote computer. SSH, or secure shell is intended as a secure replacement for telnet.

The Best Time to Start and End Your eBay Auctions

The Best Time to Start and End Your eBay Auctions 

When you’re selling an item on eBay, you can maximize your chance of success
(and your final selling price) by making sure that your auction is exposed to as many people as possible.

That means listing your item for a full seven days, and
making sure that the auction ends when as many potential buyers as possible
are home to make last-second snipes.

So the question is—when are most eBay users at home and at their computers?
It’s easy enough to determine bad times to list. List during the day and too many
potential buyers are at work or at school. List during the very late evening (after
midnight, let’s say), and too many potential buyers are asleep. List on a Friday
or Saturday night and too many potential buyers are out dining or partying.

Tips And Process For Installing Windows XP

Tips And Process For Installing Windows XP

    I have used Windows XP operating system for more than three years ( currently i am using windows 7 ) but I felt that, XP operating system is one of the good operating system. It has many features and easy to use so it is quite famous today. Here, I have a tip of installing windows XP. It is not so difficult to install, but you have to fulfill some requirement and have to change some setting. I have given you, a process of installing windows XP, with the help of this process you can install that operating system in your own home.

Process of installing Windows XP:

For the installment of windows XP, you must have basic and minimum requirement.

That is:

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)

This technology in brief is known as VSAT's . This technology works with the help of a satelite . VSAT uses small antennas which may have variable size of 1.8 metres , 2.4 metres or 3.8 metres and these act as small earth - stations . Through satelites , VSAT's technology has made banking services very simple and speedy . The terminals used in VSAT's have very small aapertures.

Online Connectivity via VSAT

In this type f connectivity , the computer system is connected through VSAT . VSAT communication is done through satelite . The data communication speed in this type of connectivity is very high.

Requirements for VSAT connectivity:-

- A computer with sufficient RAM and storage capacity , VSAT
- Personal Earth station - TCP/IP
- Preferable coloured monitor with other basic requirements
- Internet explorer and Netscape Navigator
- IP address
- A router for local network connectivity

E-Mail – POP and SMTP

E-Mail – POP and SMTP

The second most visible aspect of the Internet is probably e-mail. On your computer, you use
an e-mail client, which connects to a mail server. When you set up your e-mail account, you
are given a unique name in the form of user@domain. You are also asked to provide a
password to use to retrieve your e-mail.

The SMTP protocol, which is used to send e-mail, does not require a password. This may not
have been a fault when the protocol was designed, and the Internet was a small world
inhabited by like minded people, but now it has become a loophole which allows for
unauthorized use of mail servers and various other tricks, such as 'e-mail spoofing', in which
someone sends an e-mail that appears to come from another address. However, some mail
servers minimize this flaw by implementing an authentication step, in which you must prove
your identity before you can send an e-mail.

One important thing to remember is, despite being password protected, e-mail is not a way
to send secure information. Most POP clients and servers require that your password be
communicated – unencrypted – to your mail server. This doesn't mean than anyone who
receives an e-mail from you also receives your password; but it does mean that someone with
the right knowledge and tools can relatively easily 'sniff out' your password.

HTTP and The Web

HTTP and The Web

When you say, 'the Internet,' what comes to mind for most people is, in fact, the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web, or just the Web, is not the Internet. Instead, it is a method of using the Internet to exchange information between computers. The Web uses http or hypertext transfer protocol and services known as web browsers and web servers to allow information in the form of web pages to be exchanged between local and remote computers.

On the local side, what you see is the web browser. Information from the remote computer is sent to your local computer using the http protocol. The web browser interprets that information and displays it on your local computer in the form of web pages.

The hypertext part of the http protocol refers to a non-linear method of presenting
information. Text is normally read in a linear fashion: word 2 follows word 1; sentence 3 follows sentence 2; paragraph 5 follows paragraph 4. The idea of hypertext allows information to be viewed in a non-linear way. This is the major difference between hypertext and the older, plain text methods of displaying information.