Thursday, 10 October 2013

Value of Telnet

Value of Telnet

Telnet is a popularly used remote login program in the world of Internet. A student sitting in Chandigarh (INDIA) can have access to the server in USA. He can have access to all important information , programs and utilities through remote login.

He can use the remote machine as if he were using his own machine or pc at his home. Telnet is the main Internet Protocol for creating a connection with a remote machine. It gives the user the opportunity to be one computer system and do work on another.

Telnet allows a local user to send a wide variety of commands to a remote computer. This allows the local user to instruct the remote computer to perform functions and return data to the local computer, almost as if you were sitting at a keyboard in front of the remote computer. SSH, or secure shell is intended as a secure replacement for telnet.

Again, both Windows and Linux come with a basic, command line telnet client; to access it, open a command prompt or terminal window and type: telnet.

To access a telnet server, you will need to have an account and password set up for you by the administrator of the server, because the telnet program allows you to perform a large number of actions, some of which could severely compromise the remote computer.

Telnet was used in the past to allow computer administrators to remotely control servers and to provide user support from a distance.

Telnet can also be used for a number of other tasks, such as sending and receiving email and viewing the source code for web pages (although telnet does fall under the heading of the most difficult way to do these things).

Telnet can be used to do many things that are illegal and immoral, but there are also legitimate reasons for using it. You can use telnet to check your email, and view, not just the subject line, but the first few lines of an email, which will allow you to decide whether or not to delete the email without downloading the entire message.

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