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Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)

This technology in brief is known as VSAT's . This technology works with the help of a satelite . VSAT uses small antennas which may have variable size of 1.8 metres , 2.4 metres or 3.8 metres and these act as small earth - stations . Through satelites , VSAT's technology has made banking services very simple and speedy . The terminals used in VSAT's have very small aapertures.

Online Connectivity via VSAT

In this type f connectivity , the computer system is connected through VSAT . VSAT communication is done through satelite . The data communication speed in this type of connectivity is very high.

Requirements for VSAT connectivity:-

- A computer with sufficient RAM and storage capacity , VSAT
- Personal Earth station - TCP/IP
- Preferable coloured monitor with other basic requirements
- Internet explorer and Netscape Navigator
- IP address
- A router for local network connectivity

Characteristics of VSAT

1. These terminals can exchange and transmit information.

2. These earth - stations normally use bit rate which is less than megabyte per second.

3. VSAT's cannot directly transmit messages to each other . The transmission is through a larger earth - station which is called as Hub - station. The ize of antennas of Hub - station ranges between 7.5 m to 11 m .

4. VSAT's can function at "C-Band" ( 3700-4200MHz | 5925-6425 MHz).

Operational Field Of VSAT

1. Banking Industry
2. Stock Exchanges
3. Reservation
4. Retail trade
5. Corporate Networking
6. Weather Forecasting
7. Industries
8. International Services
9. Documents Services

The results of General Election in 1996 which were shown on Television were covered through 500 VSAT's spread at 650 Distt. Headquarters.

Use Of VSAT's in Banking

In May , 1997 the activities relating to VSAT's technology were postponed but it is now ready to start its services . The whole project is expected to make an expenditure of Rs. 135 crores out of which Rs. 35 crores will be arranged by the RBI and remaining Rs. 100 crores by public sector banks.

This network will link 2800 bank branches with one another. The following operations can be performed using this technology:-

1. The quality of customer service at the counters will be improved to large extent.

2. Payment system will be made more effective.

3. Exchange of information will be geared up and speedy clearing of pending entries will be possible.

4. The shortcomings of telecommunication will be overcome through VSAT's.

5. File- work can be transferred easily.

6. The currency chest operations will become more fast and accurate.

7. The use of E-mail can be made more effective through VSAT's.

8. Through VSAt's technology , every organisation can develop its own system of communications.

9. The Banks can offer specialised telephone facilities through this network .

10. The self owned communication system can be established by the institution.

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