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Matrix effect using Ms Excel

Matrix effect using Ms Excel

In my Previous post i have shown you how to create matrix effect using notepad , but in this post i will show you how to make amazing matrix effect using Microsoft Excel.

I have done this in Ms Excel 2007 , so if you are using higher versions then it will be no problem to you because Ms package 2007 andMs package  2010 is nearly same , but if you are using older version then you may face some problems while doing it , but dont worry i am always here to help you , if you face any problem regarding it , just comment in the comment box and i will help you as soon as possible...

So lets start our procedure..
1. First of all open Ms Excel.
2. In the first box (A1) write a formula  


and press enter.

3. Then choose the font "Courier New".

4. Then choose the text colour as green and the background colour as black.

5. Then Click on Conditional formatting and then choose New Rule option.

6. Then a "New Formatting Rule" dialogue box will open .There click on "Use a formula to determine which cells to format".

7. There in the box write the below formula:

8. Then click on format option and choose green colour and press ok.

9. Then select all the boxes and narrow its size.

10. Then copy that box(A1) and then select some boxes and paste it so at last it will look like this:

11. So you have all done the work now to see the matrix effect just press F9 , dont leave the button F9 , just press it to see the cool matrix effect.

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