Thursday, 17 October 2013

Now access Google services for free on your mobile.

Now access Google services for free on your mobile with Airtel

If you are an airtel user then i have a good news for you ...

Now you can access Google services for free on your mobile.

Bharti Airtel (One of the Leading Mobile Operator ) in association with Google announced the launch of Free Zone powered by Google, which will give all the Airtel mobile customers access to mobile web search and and also mobile-friendly versions of Gmail and Google+ in India.

It means that now all the airtel users in India can search for anything in google for free , also users can check their mail or also can do social activities in Google plus for free...

The first page of the site  from the search results page is provided free means at no data cost. Free Zone aims to put the web in the hands of more people and empower first time Internet users with useful services of the Internet.

Airtel mobile customers can access the service by visiting and start using the Internet without having to sign in to the service. The set of internet services available via Airtel includes

1. Google Search
2. Gmail
3. Google+.

While Airtel subscribers will not incur any data charges to access these services on Free Zone, access to more advanced services such as Attachment , Download or browse through to web sites from the ones accessed in the Free Zone would be enabled through the subscription to a standard data package. But then also you can save images for free to your mobile , search any image you want on Google Images and then save it to your mobile device.

When users leave the Free Zone to navigate deeper into a website or download an attachment or any other thing from that particular server then they are informed about the data charges and given the option to purchase an appropriate data package.

(Note: The free data usage on Free Zone is available up to a limit of 1GB per month.)

How To Get Started ?

1. Just visit from your phone’s internet browser.

2. Then start searching or sign in with your Google account to access Gmail or Google+

3. If you don’t have a Google account, create one at no cost by clicking on sign up to Gmail Now.

What you only need is:

1. Wap enabled Mobile.

2. Airtel Connection (Obviously)

3. Airtel Internet settings on your mobile.

Thats it... You dont need anything more......

So Enjoy browsing free with Airtel , you can find more such tricks on our Blog , just subscribe to our posts and be updated....