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Tips And Process For Installing Windows XP

Tips And Process For Installing Windows XP

    I have used Windows XP operating system for more than three years ( currently i am using windows 7 ) but I felt that, XP operating system is one of the good operating system. It has many features and easy to use so it is quite famous today. Here, I have a tip of installing windows XP. It is not so difficult to install, but you have to fulfill some requirement and have to change some setting. I have given you, a process of installing windows XP, with the help of this process you can install that operating system in your own home.

Process of installing Windows XP:

For the installment of windows XP, you must have basic and minimum requirement.

That is:

For Home edition, Minimum hardware requirement is CPU-233MHz, Ram-64MB, Hard disk- 1.5 GB available space of hard disk, CD-ROM and DVD drive, Super VGA (800*600) or higher resolution video adapter. If you have all this minimum hardware requirement you can install windows XP in your system.

1. First, you should have a boot-able CD/DVD for the installment and change some setting in your Bios so you can boot your computer from that CD. To enter in Bios first, restart your computer and press Delete or f8 and make first boot from CD-ROM and save it.

2. After changing the Bios setting, restart your computer for once and press any key to boot from CD-ROM. Make sure CD must be in the CD-ROM.

3. It takes several times for copying the set up file in your computer so, wait for some minute and after itwill be said if you want to perform for repair or for a new installment so choose the correct keys and press it.

4. For license agreement press F8 to agree.

5. Now, you need to decide for the partition of your hard disk. You will have opportunity to delete or create the partitions however try to choose your partitions within reasonable size. If your hard disk total space is 80 GB then, make C, D, and E drive and give 30, 30 and 20 GB for it respectively.

Note:- Always make sure that you give much space to Local disk C , as it is the functional drive of your computer. The more the C drive space is free the more your computer will be fast .

5. Now, choose NTFS file format system for quick format.

6. After then, some minutes are taken and choose region and language and enter your product license key.

7. Now, name the computer and you can choose your admin password and if you don’t want, leave it and enter correct date and time and after this fills some requirement and click next.

After finishing the formatting process set up your VGA, sounds, modem and correct your some setting.

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