Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Reviews Of

Reviews Of


First Of all let me tell you What is

Do you want 1000's of fans for your social media pages? You can get free facebook/youtube/twitter/.. likes/fans/views/.. fast, safe, easy and for FREE. Real fans which will push you into the social spotlight and raise your brand recognition. We use a you like me i like you exchange. You earn points for every "like". It's completely free, but you can buy "Points" our network to Save Time!. Or you can just earn the points and get them for free.

Great for businesses, musicians, webmasters, retailers, acts, personalities, video tutorials, bloggers, models, actors, athletes and more!

In Two Words: is what you are looking for!

This site is the way to increase your fans or earn money.

How it works ?

1. First of all Sign up at

To sign up Go to Likesplanet

2.Then Verify your email address

3. After verifying your address you can login to your account by providing your username and password.

Okk so now you have successfully login into your account now its time to earn some points ... Now the question is how to earn points ? I will tell you

How To Earn Points ?

Earning points in LikesPlanet is very simple

1.First of all you get 50 points only for sign up , it means you got 50 points without doing anything.

2.Start promoting your referral link to earn 600 points ($0.12) per each referral register under your link.

3.Earn 50% Points of Your Referrals + 100 Points per active referral + 0.1 point per ref link visit.

(Think if you have 1 referral and he make 1000 points a day then you get 500 points for free .
10 referrals making 1000 points each daily means your points 5000.
Isn't That great guys....)

4.You can also get 600 daily bonuses points in the rally section.

This is a Daily Contest, They pay 1,165 Points for Top 5 Likers Everyday.

So now you have earned the points but thinking what to do with the points , so let me tell you the important features of


1.Get Free FaceBook Likes, Comments and Photo Likes with this Simple and Fast system.

2.Get Free LIKES for All of your Posts on Facebook.

3.Get FaceBook Votes for your contests, Get People Answer your Questions on FaceBook.

4.Get Free Wall-Posts on your FaceBook Pages.

5.Get  Free YouTube Views, Likes, Dis-likes, Comments, Favorites and Subscribers for your videos.

6.Get  Free Google Plus hits for your sites.

7.Get Free Twitter Followers for your account.

8.Get Free Websites Hits and have more real visitors.

9.Get Free Instagram followers.

10.Get Free Stumble upon followers.

11.Get Free Linked in shares.

12.Boost your Alexa and google search ranking.

And much more to be come..........

LikesPlanet also detects and prevent Un-Like and Un-Plus actions, so LikesPlanet is always Clean and it always will be .....

100% SAFE Network. Get only High-Quality Fans!

NO BOTs, NO Automated profiles!

Now whatever you like just Go to Add my site and add your site there and assign some credits to it...

Remember to ADD Coins to your page. or it will Not receive likes even if you have points in account balance.

But what if you dont want likes , comments or else , then you can simply earn money for the coins you earned. Yes my dear friend you heard it right you can also earn money from LikesPlanet


Making Money:

1. Get Paid $0.003 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Traffic hit...etc!

2. Get $0.15 + 50% of your referrals earnings with unlimited refers.

3. Low $0.1 minimum payout. (PayPal and OKPay supported)

4. NO need to deposit to Start Earning!

LikesPlanet also shows a payment proof of the users who got their money and here also their is a good news for you it provides you with some additional coins if you share your payment proof with it.

You will earn extra points = Payment Amount x500.

If your payment was $0.5 then you will earn extra 250 points! and so on…

1- Click on ‘Leave Reply’.

2- Upload screenshot of payment proof any where.

3- Post your Referral Link + Payment proof image Link in comment.

4- Extra points will be added to your within some hours!

Enjoy earning!!

But what If you are a big company and want a large volume of likes then you can also buy coins or directly facebook likes , At Likesplanet the rates are much cheaper than anywhere else in the market .

PayPal , Payza & OkPay are supported so you can pay money only through these .

LikesPlanet has delivered close to 9,534,191 Hits by 17890+ Real Likers! and still counting...

So what are you waiting for join now

To know more about Likesplanet go to their official blog

Likesplanet Official Blog

Some Recent Posts by Likesplanet In their Official blog

Post your Payment Proof and Earn Extra Points/Money!

So Enjoy ..............


  1. Hey I Got my payment form
    See here
    Want to Join
    Click on the link :

  2. their referral link shows only Adfoc (dot)us ads, i don't think we can make any income through their referral program...they are fooling people that you get 50% of what your referrals earn.........if my visitor doesn't reach the likes planet by clicking their referral link then how can we get referrals referring people we are getting 0% while likes planet admin is getting 100% ;)

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