Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Convert your pc's screen into touch screen.

Convert your pc's screen into touch screen.

Can you believe that you can convert your pc screen into touch screen? Yes. I mean you can control your laptop and pc with your fingers the way you control your iphones.

If you have a laptop or pc already and you need a touch screen computer, please stop buying a new touch screen computer.

 ust put a "motion command frame" and convert your old computer's screen into touch screen. Motion command frame is a piece of hardware. It's not a software.

It is cheaper than buying new touch screen computer. It costs only $150 to $200. Before you buy a motion command frame, you should be aware of the size of your computer's screen. Then buy the motion command frame. You can put motion command frame over your computer's screen and connect it with a usb.

Once you connect it with usb, it will install software automatically then you can control your computer by touching on the screen same like iphone or ipad.

When you see a motion command frame it looks like a simple picture frame. But you cannot see the transmitter and reciver which is intregrated inside the glass of a motion command frame.


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