Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Debunking Blogger Myths

Debunking Blogger Myths

The following Blogger myths can be found circulating the Internet in online
conversations, but they hold little to no validity:

? Blogger is too frequently unavailable. In the past, users complained
that the Blogger software would “go down” too frequently, meaning
that it was unavailable to users who wanted to update their blogs and
to readers who wanted to read those blogs. Since Blogger has moved
completely into the Google infrastructure, the system has become more
stable and more reliable.

? Blogger deletes blogs haphazardly. Users also complained about their
blogs suddenly disappearing altogether. Many users who suffered this
fate discovered their blogs were temporarily or permanently deleted
due to potential policy infringements

? Blogger offers very few features. Other blogging software programs,
such as WordPress, offer a wide array of added features, which makes
them superior to Blogger. Since Google purchased Blogger in 2007, new
features are added all the time to make Blogger more competitive with

? Blogger is good only for beginner bloggers. The limited functionality
of Blogger created a reputation for the software as inadequate for power
bloggers. Google has invested time and money into enhancing Blogger’s
functionality so it remains easy to use but is more feature-rich. As such,
Blogger has become a blogging platform for both beginners and
seasoned professionals.

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