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Discovering the Benefits of Blogger

Discovering the Benefits of Blogger

With so many blogging software options, what makes Blogger stand out?
Certainly, since Google purchased Blogger, the ease of integration with other
Google products and the enhancements that are constantly added to Blogger
make it a viable choice for any blogger. Perhaps the most enticing aspects of
Blogger are its simple point-and-click usability and its nonexistent price tag.
Following are some details about several benefits you’ll enjoy when you
use Blogger.

It’s free!

You can safely assume that a beginner blogger or a casual blogger will be
intrigued by the free Blogger platform. Much of the popularity of Blogger can
be attributed to the old adage “Why pay for something when you can get it
for free?” In other words, why invest in another blogging software program
when Blogger can deliver the same features at no cost? To many bloggers,
this question is easy to answer, and Blogger is the obvious choice.

Of course, some bloggers prefer the advanced customization options that
other blogging platforms provide, but with advanced customization also
comes a price tag. You also generally need programming or coding skills
that many bloggers don’t know or aren’t interested in learning. Because blogging
applications such as WordPress rely on a variety of third-party plug-ins
to add functionality, the customization options are far greater than what
Blogger currently offers. However, most of that customization requires that
you pay for a domain name, additional disk space, hosting, and more. Each
blogger must define his blogging goals and determine whether paying to use
a blogging platform is necessary.

It’s easy to use

When it comes to blogging software programs, it doesn’t get much easier
than Blogger. Starting a Blogger account, customizing your blog, and writing
and publishing your blog’s content are simple tasks, thanks to the basic
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that requires no technical
knowledge to use as long as you’re familiar with the functionality of basic
word processing software. Although learning to use blogging software might
seem intimidating, Blogger takes away much of the challenges, allowing you
to become a confident member of the blogosphere!

It has loads of features

Blogger comes jam-packed with features and goodies for users. Unlike
other blogging software programs that require users to upload (or pay for)
additional features, Blogger has a wealth of built-in tools, such as Google
AdSense, feeds, polls, and slideshows.
With the power of Google behind Blogger, new upgrades have been integrated
into the program that make blogging easier than ever. You can be certain that
Google isn’t done yet. More features are sure to be in the pipeline already.

Additionally, bloggers can choose to host their Blogger blogs through a thirdparty
host rather than through Blogger. Although third-party hosting is an
added expense, some bloggers prefer it in order to provide maximum control
over their blogs.

It’s flexible

Blogger offers options for bloggers of all experience levels and with varying
blogging objectives. Whether you understand HTML (hypertext markup language)
or not , you can use
Blogger. Users also have a variety of blogging options available to them, such
as instant blogging, audio blogging through podcasts, mobile blogging (moblogging),
video blogging (vlogging), blogging by e-mail, and voice messaging
through their Blogger blogs. In short, Blogger makes it nearly impossible not
to blog!

Blogger also makes it quite easy for multiple authors to write for the same
blog. Adding and removing blog authors takes just a few seconds, making it
a helpful choice for people who want to start or expand their blogs to a multiuser

It can help you make money

Many bloggers are interested in monetizing their blogs. In other words, they
want to be able to make money (either passive or active income) through
their blogs. Some free blog platforms, such as, don’t allow
users to monetize their blogs. Blogger not only allows monetization — it also
encourages it, by making it incredibly easy through Google AdSense, one of
the most popular online advertising services.
Because Blogger is owned by Google, the same company that owns Google
AdSense, it’s not surprising that Google AdSense is integrated directly into
the Blogger program. With just a few clicks, Blogger users can insert Google
AdSense ads into their blogs and begin making money from them almost

Blogger users can also monetize their blogs through affiliate advertising,
direct advertising, sponsored reviews, and more. Certainly, as Google’s
online advertising initiatives grow, blog monetization opportunities for
Blogger users will also grow. The seamless integration of Google products
into Blogger sets it apart from the competition and makes it an excellent
blogging choice.

It exposes you to the spirit of community

Blogger users make up a unique online community that shares a passion for
blogging and an interest in learning to use all the features and add-ons available
through Blogger. As you grow your blog, networking with the Blogger
community can be an invaluable resource for you. A search on Technorati (a
popular blog search tool) returns numerous blogs that discuss Blogger (visit for a current
list). No matter what problem or question you encounter, the Blogger community
is readily available to help you navigate beyond any challenges that
might arise throughout your lifetime as a blogger.

You can keep on top of Blogger updates by reading the Blogger Buzz blog at

It’s versatile

For users who want a more customized experience for their blog readers,
Blogger offers versatile domain and hosting options. Users can choose to use
their own domain names for their blogs (for example, rather
than traditional Blogspot addresses (for example,
This option is popular for business bloggers and power bloggers who want to
create a seamless brand experience for their readers and customers.


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