Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gmail and outlook express

Gmail and outlook express

If you have an Gmail account you have almost 3 gigabytes space on their servers and some people use that space as storage for their messages. But you can also have access to Gmail through Outlook Express, too if you like. In that case you can write mails and answers using Outlook Express advantages. You can use Stationery and other possibilities.
To start with that, you have to do following:

- Open Outlook Express and go to Tools – Accounts

- Click on Add – Mail

- Type your name and click Next

- Type your Gmail address and go Next

- In «Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server», type

- In «Outgoing mail (SMTP) server», Type

- Click Next

- Write your full gmail address in Password

- Go Next and than Finish

- Pick up account you just made

- On Servers card, click Properties

- Under «Outgoing Mail Server» check My server requires authentication.

- Go to Advanced

- Check «This server requires a secure connection» (SSL) under «Outgoing mail (SMTP)» and under «Incoming mail (POP3)»

- On Outgoing server (SMTP) type 465. If number under Incoming server (POP3) didn't automatically changed to 995, type 995.

- Click OK and than Close.

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