Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Best alternative for antivirus -> Defreeze

Best alternative for antivirus -> Defreeze

 As I know there are 3 types of virus. 

1. One which destory your computer and you need to format your computer again and again

 This type of virus is very iritating it deletes the system file and we have to format the computer again and again.

2. Next which never destorys your computer but sends whatever you typed to maker, for eg keylogger

This type of virus does nothing and it is impossible to remove either, And they comes with free downloaded softwares and cracks. Antivirus can find few of them. Thus free itself is not free. But It's for businessman and big companies and office where piracy is essential.

3, Which totally destroys and have to throw your computer, for example chernobyl
This virus is very dangerous virus. It deletes bios and you have to throw even a new computer.

Today I am talking about first type of virus which usually deletes our files and we have to format our computers. Many people waste time on money on buying antivirus and sometimes even antivirus can't save our computer and we reach to the end that is formatting then we loose our important files and documents. The Best software is defreeze which is better than any antivirus.

How defreeze works?

From the day you set up the defreeze, It deletes every file that you save on c drive when you restart or boot. But it doesnot delete the files before you setup the defreeze. So you could lose your files if you save the file on c drive but you can use d drive to save the files. Usually virus attack on c drive and specially on system files. Because of that we have to format the computer again and again. But the problem of defreeze is that if you have to install new programme, it will delete even new programme. But you can unfreeze the defreeze. You need a software to unfreeze the defreeze. After that you can install new programme and use defreeze again. But the best idea is to install all the necessary programmes before you use defreeze. Then, never format your computer. Never lose your important files.

Download this software from it's own website

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  1. Have used AVG protection for a number of years now, I recommend this Anti virus to all you.