Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How to became a successful blogger

How to became a successful blogger?

Well, now a days lots of people have blogs where they put the informations, news, videos, pictures. But the blogger needs lots of patience. Though I say to others, I am even loose my patience sometimes. Many people uses short cut methods to get lot of visitors in their blogs thus they started to copy others blogs totally or promote piracy. I saw many people are making movie websites which promotes piracy no matter whatever they say. It is obvious they will get lot of visitors in one year. But they won't get any recognization of their own. You must have to present your own skills to became succesfull blogger. That's not a big thing that you did not get enough visitors in one year. That's not necessary. Suppose you are creating blog on technology subject, first read others blog then try to write on your own language. There are 2 types of statstics. One of primary data, another is secondary data. Primary datas are usually real and original but its time consuming and costly but secondary datas are already available informations which we can edit and publish. That we accept as a vaild post but if we started to copy exactly  you will start loosing you own identity. If we see the history, there are many bloggers who met with bill gates and came on cnn tvs and many channels because they kept their own identity. They became success because they cared about future. People could analyse your blog and if they found you have copied the post or you have talked about voilent or hacking things or porn things or whatever which sounds unacceptable , you will never reach to the success though you get instant success in a year. Thus, the blog subjects should be less political, useful to everybody, non voilent, less regligious. There are many bloggers who are arrested when they talk about political or religious subject. At the beginning there is no problem. When you start getting lots of visitors then you should be serious. Many blogs are banned because of that and they could lose their hard work in vain.

Thus, It's not a big thing to get lot of visitors in your blog. That has no meaning at all. But you can ask me why am i not following know all. By the way I am not creating I am studying.

 I learned a lot such as how strict the google is, what happens if you click the ads by yourself how they know. I know this blog cannot be the succesfull. Besides google doesnot recognize you until  your blog is not popular. And when your blog get popular and when google know you, they obviously checks your blog. If they find your blog has full of copied and piracy motivated stuff. They will totally start banning your websites. And you will find you are dramatically loosing your visitors. Thus a blogger needs lots of patience. Besides it's better to do some study on webpage designing, server side coding , photoshop etc.

 During 6 months I have learned lots of things, such as I tested to get lots of backlink in one day but I found the visitors are getting less, next how to circulate money from paypal to bank and bank to cash in hand. about youtube, lenght of time of SEO, about facebook like, twitter follow, how to increase the people on facebook and twitter. This year I even re furnished my old studies. I applied php and mysql. That was the most import part of a webpage. In past php was expensive to apply thus I never learn that and when it became free , I applied that and finally it worked successfully. After Php and mysql are done that means database can be connected now but we need the people to see our websites. A website has no meaning without visitors. Then I started to learn SEO which is one of the hardest and time consuming thing that  I ever found. At the beginning I used to work around whole night being crazy and it is so much hard and time consuming. You have to open facebook, twitter, digg, account individually. It is too much hard and time consuming. I even applied for pay SEO. I applied for 2 SEO provider. But both were frauds. Luckly I got  my money back because paypal has money returning facility. And I found that those SEO provider also use the same technique that I or anybody uses. And I wanted the output quickly. But the bottom line was it never works before time. My happiest day was when I see my website indexed on google when I was searching my website on google. But it even won't come in one day. It came after 2 or 3 weeks from the date I added my website on google. So I got an experience how long does it take and what happens after that? Similarly I tried to increase the visitors in my blog via ptc website. But google is so dangerous it said you are using this method to increase visitors. Today the most hardest and most competitive thing on web is SEO. Nomatter how much beautiful or extraordinary website you make if you don't have people to see there is no meaning. And you can't always post your website on facebook or twitter. The main source of visitors is google. Then I found some website from which you can earn as well as you can offer somebody to work.  Besides the developement of a blog or websites determines on how many people are working together.  If you can find the worker you can create lot of blogs and divide the work to other when we know the method. So it will be faster and easier. If you can post 10 post per day, and if you have 10 people, you will have 100 post per day. The SEO in any website is very hard and time consuming part so it is necessary to divide the work so that you don't have to work whole nights. There are 2 things to know on website designing. One website designing skills such as php, photoshop, dreamweaver and next is SEO.  But the cost of SEO is very much high than website designing. SEO includes advertising on bus, or tv or radio to backlinking, social bookmarking. It's very hard thing.


      Well everythings has prons and crons. Those website who used short cut method to get visitors they get 2 benefits. First they got experience what to do what not to do. Next if you are making any e commerce websites such as online shopping websites, or webhost resellars websites or dating websites. You can promote those websites on those type of blogs. Many people who makes commercial website like dating websites where people have to pay to became a member. We don't have to create commercial website at first. Because commercial websites cost are too high. They have to pay for webspace and domain name monthly besides it's too hard to advertise those websites. SEO is time consuming for all websites. If you have a ready website which has big traffic, you can use your own past website to promote you new commercial websites. I saw too many commercial websites are shutting down because they dont have any visitors. There are nobody to buy or became a member. And the google SEO doesnot discrimiates anybody. if I took long time be sure it even takes long time to you. And during one year what a commercial website will do without any people or member. So though my website will not be sucessful it is useful for me. So it's not bad if you use short cut way to increase visitors. Create many. The cost of radio, tv, and other advertisements are too high. You can save that money if you followed this way. So it is always bad to create commercial websites at first.


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