Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tips On Buying A CPU / Processor

Tips On Buying A CPU / Processor


Processor is considered the brain of the computer. The CPU fetches
instructions of program from main memory and executes them one by one.
The speed of the CPU is measured in Mega Hertz or Giga Hertz and speed
from 500 MHz to 3.4 GHz, it depends upon a user needs, that is why
purchasing a processor is an important consideration when building or
buying a computer. There are several considerations and additional
information about what to ask and look for when purchasing a processor
directly or already installed into a computer.


The type of the processor can be very important consideration for
users who are building a computer. The main thing in processor is the
compatibility with the motherboard, Because the processor chip is
plugged into the motherboard. Today there are many processor
manufacturers AMD, Motorola and Intel. Final decision to buy a
processor depends upon user need for example a home or basic user can
buy Intel Celeron or AMD processor. If you can afford then must go for
latest processor if you want your computer to retain functionality for
four to six years. When considering any of the above companies product
ensure that a motherboard that is compatible with that product is also
purchased. For example if an Intel motherboard is purchased or
currently installed into the computer you will want to consider an
Intel Processor.

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