Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tips On Buying A Computer Motherboard

Tips On Buying A Computer Motherboard

Introduction of Motherboard

The motherboard is the main circuit board of the system unit. You can
say that motherboard is the master circuit board in the computer. Many
new user of computer are not well aware about motherboard that is why
for users planning on building a computer a motherboard can be a
confusing decision. Below we have listed some considerations and tips
when looking at purchasing a computer motherboard.

There are many factor of the motherboard is a crucial consideration
when looking at a motherboard.

PC motherboard has two or more expansion slots used to add new
components to the computer. The memory chips are also inserted into
the expansion slot to expand the size of memory. Given option are very
important in any motherboard for example:

Accelerator: It is used to increase the speed of processor.

I/O: It is used to connect input/output devices such as printer, mouse
and keyboard.

Game: It is used to connect joystick.

Disk Controller: It is used to connect disk and CD drives.

Modem: It is used to connect other computers through telephone line or
cable telephone line.

TV Tuner: It is used for viewing television channels on the computer monitor.

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