Sunday, 25 May 2014

Password Cracking (Password Recovery)

Password Cracking (Password Recovery)

Password cracking for illegal purposes is illegal. But if it is your
password, then it's your
information. Once you password protect something, and then forget your
password, you are stuck. Hence password recovery.

Password cracking consists of a few basic techniques

"Looking around": passwords are often taped to the bottom of
keyboards, under mousepads, posted on personal bulletin boards.

Brute force: just keep trying passwords until one works
Automated dictionary attacks: these programs run through a series of
possible dictionary
words until one works as a password.

There are many programs available on the web to assist with password recovery on
documents. However, newer versions of programs are becoming more and
more secure, and therefore, more and more difficult to obtain
passwords using the techniques above, or using password recovery

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