Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tips On Buying A Computer Memory

Tips On Buying A Computer Memory.

Introduction of Computer memory.

The Computer memory plays very important role in data processing.
Computer memory means the computer can use powerful program with large
size. It also improves the data procession speed of computer, that is
way it is very important to verify When purchasing a computer memory,
this memory is suitable for your computer and needs. Below is a
listing of different considerations and tips to look for when
purchasing computer memory.

Type Of Memory

There are many types of memory available in market, Before purchasing
any memory or considering purchasing memory it is important that you
distinguish the type of memory that is required. Below is a listing of
some of the configurations of computer memory.

Memory type: SIMM, DIMM, RIMM,

Amount of Pins: 72-Pin, 30-Pin, etc..

Speed of memory: 10ns, 60ns, 70ns, etc..

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