Sunday, 25 May 2014

Information About Purchasing New Computer Cases

Information About Purchasing New Computer Cases

Generally there are two types of Computer Case are available in
market, for Example Tower case and desktop case. The system unit of
the desktop personal computer can lie flat on the desk or table and
the monitor is usually placed on the system unit. An other model of
the computer case is known tower. The system unit of the tower PC is
vertically placed on the desk or table. But purchasing a computer case
is generally not an important consideration when you are going to buy
a Computer. However it depends upon the user needs and choice to
building a computer case may find it important to consider the
following considerations.


Color of Case

Type of Case (Tower case and Desktop case)

Size of Case

The main and important factor is Upgrade availability in case.

Please must consider that case have enough slots which will allow you
to add additional hard disk CD-ROM, Floppy drives or other drives.

Other main consideration is that case have the availability for slots
for additional cards to be placed in. For Example VGA Card, LAN card
and internal Modem.

You should also see the case for fans slot or space , beacause this is
very important , without this your computer will be ruined , because
it helps in cooling the computer which is the most essential part of a
computer , so dont be lazy while buying computer casses and see all
the specifications and casees very carefully..

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