Thursday, 1 November 2012

Unknown Shortcut Keys For Windows 7

1. Windows Key +Tab = Aero [Press Tab To Cycle Between Windows]
2. Windows Key + E = Windows Explorer Is Launched.
3. Windows Key + R = Run Command Is Launched.
4. Windows Key + F = Search (Which Is There In Previous Windows Versions Too)
5. Windows Key + X = Mobility Center
6. Windows Key + L = Lock Computer (It Is There From The Earlier Versions As Well)
7. Windows Key + U = Ease Of Access
8. Windows Key + P = Projector
9. Windows Key + T = Cycle Super Taskbar Items
10. Windows Key + S = OneNote Screen Clipping Tool [Requires OneNote]
11. Windows Key + M = Minimize All Windows
12. Windows Key + D = Show/Hide Desktop
13. Windows Key + Up = Maximize Current Window
14. Windows Key + Down = Restore Down / Minimize Current Windows
15. Windows Key + Left = Tile Current Window To The Left
16. Windows Key + Right = Tile Current Windows To The Right
[Continue Pressing The Left And Right Keys To Rotate The Window As Well]
17. Windows Key + # = Quicklaunch
18. Windows Key + = = Magnifier



  1. Some more shortcuts are-

    1. Ctrl + C – Copy
    Who can live without this shortcut? We are copying stuffs all the time. And this keyboard shortcut is so much easier and faster than Right Click >> Copy.
    2. Ctrl + V – Paste
    If you copy, you need to paste. So instead of Right Click >> Paste, just hit Ctrl + V.
    3. Ctrl + Z – Undo
    Oops! You’ve just deleted a piece of text! How to make text magically reappear on screen? The magic words are: Ctrl + Z.
    4. Alt, F, W, F – Create new folder in windows explorer
    I still wonder why there is still no shortcut to create a new folder. So, this is actually not a keyboard shortcut, but a trick shortcut. Alt – goes to the menu
    F – Selects “File” beside “Edit”
    W – Selects “New”
    F – Selects “Folder”.
    5. Windows Logo + E – Open computer
    You know that windows logo button between Ctrl and Alt on the bottom left of the keyboard? If you press Windows Logo + E, it will open the computer. No, not automatically disassemble the computer and unscrew it, :P but open the window where you will see the disk drives and the CD Rom.
    6. Windows Logo + D – Show desktop; minimize all windows
    You know when you have so many windows open, and you need to go to the desktop to open a program? You don’t need to minimize every single window one by one again. Just press Windows Logo + D and you will arrive on the desktop.
    7. Tab – Go to next text area
    When filling forms on the web, especially username and password forms, this goes extremely handy. When logging in, after typing the username, just hit “Tab” and tada! – you are at the password form without touching the mouse!
    8. Typing name of file you’re looking for – Locating file
    Lets say you are in a folder called ‘Pictures’ and you want to locate a file photo called “mejumping.jpg”, just type “mejum…”. Usually you don’t need to type the file’s entire name – just some of its first letters will do.
    9. Ctrl + Click – Individually selecting multiple files
    Lets say you are on a folder with lots of photos. You only want to select your good photos. How? Click a good photo. Then, Ctrl + click another good photo. Next, Ctrl + click another good photo! See? It doesn’t unselect the previous files but adds the next files you have clicked to the selection!
    10. Shift + Click – Select files from one end to another
    You are on a photo page.. again. And now, you want to select photos from “PICT1209” to “PICT1281”. How? Click “PICT1209”. Then Shift + Click “PICT1281”. Tada! You have selected all the photos between “PICT1209” and “PICT1281”!
    11. Alt + Double click – View file properties
    If you want to view the properties of a file, don’t need to Right Click >> Properties. Just hit Alt + Double Click and the properties will appear right before your eyes!
    12. Windows Logo + 1, 2, or 3…–Launch quick launch items
    If you have items in your Quick Launch (the part on the right of the Start button), here is a very nice way to quickly launch the quick launch. If you want to launch quick launch item #1, hit Win + 1. Item #2? Win + 2. And so on and on and on… until item number 9.

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  6. Control +Shift +N for creating new folder.,