Friday, 6 September 2013

Know more about FTP

Know more about FTP

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. As the name implies, it allows
for files to be transferred between a local and a remote computer. The
files can be transferred even if they are running on different
operating systems. The files may include data , graphics , text ,

Proper permission or passwordis required for getting the file
transferred onto other systems. The method of transferring the files
requires that the users at both the ends has login or a special
configuration in set up for such type of transfer.
This configuration is set up by the system administrator. The user can
login to a remote computer (host) by typing the host address at the
system prompt.


After that the host will ask the valid password.


After the work has been done , the user can leave the host computer by
typing QUIT system prompt command.

While it can be used for private file transfers, it is more commonly
associated with free, anonymous ftp servers which offer public access
to collections of files.

Anonymous ftp was once the means by which most computer users
exchanged files over the Internet. While many anonymous ftp servers
are used to distribute files that are available illegally(and are
possibly infected with viruses), there are also many which are legally
used to distribute programs and files.

Servers which offer anonymous ftp services can be found through
various means, including Internet search engines. Most anonymous ftp
servers now allow you to access their files using the ftp protocol
through a web browser.

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