Friday, 6 September 2013

How to publish the post on blogger via email

How to publish the post on blogger via email

Today I am going to talk about how to post on blogger from email
directly. If you are the beginner you may not know that it is possible
to post on your blog via emails. It made our work simple and easy.
Because of this, you don't need to log in to your blogger. It saves
lot of time. Besides You can even publish the post from your mobiles
if you find any intresting things or saw any intresting events you can
directly send the post to your blog if your mobile has emailing
facility. But now a days most of us have email facility on our
mobiles. So it is very useful.

There is nothing special just
what you need is to follow the following steps which I have mentioned

1. Log on to the blogger

2. Click settings

3. Then click email and mobile then scroll down

4. Then, set any word and make a email. Such as
. Here the word is sonu.panda. You can keep any word. So you don't
need to worry if anybody find this email. You can change the word
easily. Besides there is an option either you want to publish the post
directly on your blog or keep offline.
Save email as a draft post means keeping it offline, Later you can
make it online. it's up to you.

5. Now go to any email sender such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail. Then
put to:

subject: put any subject of your post. But sadly you can send the
email in good format when you use google, yahoo, or hotmail. But if
you use outlook express. You can publish you post in proper manner.
Such as you can attach 2 or more pictures in proper way.

6. Now go to your blog and see. You will see your post.