Saturday, 24 August 2013

Assigning permissions to your blog

Assigning permissions to your blog

You have to decide whether you want anyone with Internet access to be able
to read your blog or to allow only a certain group of people, such as friends
and family, to see it.

This decision affects how you configure your blog permissions
settings on the Settings tab of your Blogger dashboard

You can select from the following options to configure the privacy settings
for your blog:

1. Select the Permissions tab from the Settings navigation bar in your
Blogger dashboard.

2. Under the Blog Readers heading, choose your privacy settings by
selecting the appropriate radio button to determine who can view this

• Anybody: This setting allows anyone with Internet access to see
your blog.

• Only people I choose: Enter e-mail addresses for the specific people
you want to invite to read your blog.

• Only blog authors: Only those people who have access to publish
content to your blog can view it online

The decision to make your blog private or public is up to you and should be
a direct result of your goals for your blog. If you want to simply share your
thoughts, ideas, or photos with just a few people, creating a private blog is a
viable choice. However, if you want to grow your blog, increase traffic, and
make money from it, set your blog permission to allow anybody to view it.

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