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Windows 8 has come up with the revolutionary success after its launch even the review version has been liked by millions of people. Well Microsoft has launched window 8 which have having lots of surprises with it. As many of its features are amazing and totally a new experience for everyone.

Well many people or i should say everyone is excited for knowing as
much as possible about Windows 8. So With this article i am trying to cover up the Top 10 Reasons For which you should prefer Windows 8 Operating System. No doubt there is revolution in the Operating System market since Windows 8 is launched. So here i am going to cover Top 10 Reasons for choosing Windows 8 Just Take A look :-

1.Designed For Low Voltage CPU & Battery :-

This is a superb quality of this operating system, It is especially designed for low voltage CPU and Battery,that means there is no need of power sources to use applications in windows 8, Just a little power is needed for notifications, So as a result if you install Windows 8 on your Laptop,your battery life would be increased up-to 40%.

2. Already Installed Internet Explorer (IE) 10 With Amazing Upgrades :-

When you install windows 8, you get IE 10 installed with it. The most amazing feature which is on boom now a days is that there is no button and URL bar to navigate and in place of that you can Swipe for navigation from one page to another.

3. More Keyboard Shortcuts :-

There are more keyboard shortcuts are available in Windows 8 as compared to previous versions and that makes every task easy and less time consuming. You can perform same task in lesser time as compared to previous versions of windows.

4.Ultimate Navigation :-

Windows is well known and popular for its ultimate navigation surprises. You can easily switch from one
app. to another by pulling it from top to bottom and bottom to top and that looks really interesting.

5.Faster Boot-up Speed :-

Windows 8 have a faster boot-up speed as compared to previous versions thus it can be easily installed and upgraded on old laptops and PC.

6. Cheap Upgrade Of Win 8 Pro :-

Microsoft is providing very cheap upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. It just costs around 2200 INR. Well same upgrade of Windows 7 costs double of this amount.

7. Two Versions Available :-

There are two versions available right now. First is known as PRO which is specially designed for Laptops and Desktops where as second is RT which is specially designed for Tablets.

8. No Need Of Mouse :-

This Windows 8 is specially focused and specially designed for Touch Screen.You will not require mouse while working with Windows 8. You can easily operate Windows 8 with the touch of your fingers.

9. Enhanced Inbuilt Security :-

There is a secured boot which checks windows 8 every time any one starts it. It prevents Windows 8 from virus attacks and various errors.

10.A whole new world of apps :- 

Windows 8 gives PC users a whole new world of full-screen, touch-friendly, Web-connected apps to explore. And these new apps can even display relevant information on their Windows Start screen tiles.

So above 10 are the reasons why you should choose windows 8 operating system. If you like this article please share it with your friends. Also tell us your views about windows 8 in comments below. :)

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